Sl.No. Name KTU ID Areas of Interest Current Research Scholars at NSSCE Current Research Scholars at other institutes
1 Dr. R SUDHIR KUMAR KTU-F2933 Industrial Management 1 2 (Co- supervisor , CET)
2 Dr. JOLLY KG KTU-F2491 Multi Agent Systems/Intelligent Task Planing 1
3 Dr. SURESH P R KTU-F6261 Thermal Sciences-Heat transfer, Energy systems 1
4 Dr. SURESH K S KTU-F2909 CAD 0
5 Dr. RAJEEV N KTU-F9809 Industrial Management 0
6 Dr. PRAMOD V R KTU-F6442 Maintenance Engineering Quality Engineering Logistics E learning, Non Conventional Energy Technology Management Strategies and business, Energy Management, E Governess, Cloud Computing, Manufacturing, Mobile Communication 4
7 Dr. VINOD V KTU-F6396 Industrial Engg and management, Marketing Management, Operations management, Product development and design, Rural Technology, E Mobility and Electic Vehicles, Performance eveluation of of MPFI/CRDI engines with bio/alternate fuels 1
8 Dr. SUDEEP U KTU-F9922 Machine learning methods in mechanical systems, Tribology, micro machining 2 1(co- supervisor , GEC TCR)
9 Dr. KIRON K R KTU-F23066 Innovation Management, Technological Innovation 0
10 Dr. ANEESH KUMAR P KTU-F10258 Metallurgy and Material science , Industrial Engineering 0
11 Dr. SAJEESH PARAYIL KTU-F27250 Thermal Engineering, microfluidics 1( Co- supervisor 1 (Co- supervisor,CET)