Department of Chemistry

The department of Chemistry started functioning with the very inception of the college in the year 1960. The dept has three faculties. The dept offers Engineering Chemistry for the first / second semester B.Tech degree courses. It has got the required Laboratory and Chemicals for the same. Some minor equipments like pH meter, conductivity meter, spectro photo colorimeter etc are there in the lab. There are two Lab assistants working in the lab. Experiments include various titrimetric analyses like determination of hardness of water by complexometric method, determination of dissolved oxygen in water by Winklers method, determination of copper in brass by iodometric method, determination of chloride by argentometric method, determination of pH and calibration of pH meter,determination of conductivity of salt solutions etc.

Teaching Staff

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Head of the Department

HoD Chemistry
  • Dr.S.MayaDevi
  • 0491 2559232